Tucked Away Treasure, on a Dreary Friday Night

Rye Tavern, Plymouth MA
by Tatum McIsaac



We turned around twice, despite the signs. After all, you don’t expect to find a fine dining establishment tucked away down a long dirt road. The Rye Tavern, however, is just that: worth turning around for and pretty unexpected.
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Seed Saving 101

A Guide for Saving Vegetable and Flower Seeds in Autumn
By Monica O’Malley-Tavares

seed saving 1
Saving Vegetable Seeds

It’s that time of year, when gardeners are curing late harvest squash, and are enjoying late variety tomatoes and peppers, and perhaps a second planting of beans and lettuces. It’s also clean up time. But before pulling everything out, we can plan and store a bit for next spring’s garden. Saving seeds can be fun, a money saver, and can help your plants to adapt to your garden.

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By Martha Dupuis

Pumpkin display at Williams Trading Post

Pumpkin display at Williams Trading Post

The crisp autumn days are perfect for gardening. The heat and humidity of summer has waned and yet the soil temperatures are still warm, making fall a perfect time to plant. Gardeners are energized as we welcome all the colors of autumn and consider the vision of next season in our gardens. Let’s get busy, here’s how.
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Norwell Farmers’ Market Welcomes Fall, Today!

By Tatum McIsaac

photo 4

There’s Still Time! The Norwell Farmers’ Market runs FRIDAYS through October 10th, 2-6pm. Westside Farm of Duxbury will be at the market on October 3rd and 10th offering pony rides for the kids. Norwell’s Holiday Farmers’ Market takes place on consecutive Sundays from November 23rd – December 14th at the South Shore Natural Science Center.

One of the most colorful aspects of summer in New England is the arrival and abundance of farmers’ markets. I was first introduced to them in my 20s, on occasional weekend trips to visit family in Waitsfield, VT. I loved the energy of the markets – with dozens of local farmers and makers proudly sharing their passion for food, art and everything in between, with the community. Now that I have children of my own, farmers’ markets take on a whole new meaning for me. They’re a source of fresher-than-fresh produce, healthy alternatives to just about any conventional snack, and a source of great camaraderie and pride for neighborhoods and towns throughout the state. Continue reading

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Embracing the Season

Autumn Meals from a South Coast Garden
By Monica O’Malley-Tavares

embrace the season, 1
As nights grow colder and autumn drapes her colorful gown across the meadow and down the hill toward the woods, I find myself fighting the change of seasons. For this lifelong gardener, I revel in the planning and planting of springtime, in the tending and coddling and harvesting of summer. Unfortunately, for many years I viewed autumn as the enemy, as an ending. In recent years I have decided instead to buck the seasonal bronco and embrace the uniqueness of each season, in its time. Continue reading

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Peace, Love, and Sushi


From our new friends at Jump Up and Kiss:

Originally posted on Jump Up and Kiss Me:

sushiIt’s 5:30 am and I’m rumbling down Route 195 to New Bedford in a fish truck with Rich Pasquill, who started in the fish business in ’83 with his dad.  Six years later he opened a sushi restaurant and fish market in southeastern Massachusetts that arguably has some of the freshest, best seafood I’ve ever tasted.  I wanted to learn how he does it.

Both Rich’s grandfathers were fishermen lost at sea – one in a bad storm off George’s Banks, and the other when a tanker hit his boat in the wrong lane.  Their names are on the wall at the Seamen’s Bethel, along with other local fishermen lost at sea, including New Bedford whalers.  “In this same New Bedford there stands a Whaleman’s Chapel, and few are the moody fishermen, shortly bound for the Indian Ocean or Pacific, who fail to make a Sunday visit to the spot,” wrote…

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24 Carrot Gold


From our friend at Foodways Pilgrim:

Originally posted on Foodways Pilgrim:

Exactly how  many carrots are to a pound depend on the size of the carrots, but if you have 24 lovely little carrots, or about 3 pounds (2 1/2 pounds for cooking and a 1/2 pound for snacking) you can make some carrot salad for the days that remind you that although the Dog Days are over, summer isn’t really over quite yet, and some carrot soup for the days can get chilly and tell you Fall is coming soon, just not as soon as all the pumpkin flavored everything that is available would seem to indicate.

More then enough carrots here to make both soup and salad

More then enough carrots here to make both soup and salad, and have a little carrot nosh in the interim


¾ cup dried chick peas or white beans

1 or 2 garlic cloves

1 ½ pounds carrots

1/3 cup olive oil

¼ cup vinegar –wine or cider

¼ – ½…

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It’s what’s inside that counts: The Burrata

By Eve R. Green.

Hungry again and craving cheese during a recent visit to the Easton Farmers’ Market, we were drawn to the Foxboro Cheese table to investigate the day’s offerings. Local cheese is sometimes challenging to find, so we were thrilled to see that Foxboro Cheese was not only selling their own products but also an assortment of cheese made by fellow area artisans.


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Cheese Please: Narragansett Creamery

By Eve R. Green.

Starving and undecided about lunch options–after “I don’t know, what do you want?” was repeated for the third time–we decided to stop at Lee’s Market in Westport and opted for the tried and true bread, cheese, and olives. With only a plastic knife gleaned from the salad bar we decided on 2 soft spreads that could be slathered on our pre-sliced, in-house baked, bread and a small container of mixed marinated olives. Finding local options is easy at Lee’s, they offer many well-labeled choices not only in their cheese department but throughout the store. Without knowing much about either spreads we chose the Angelito and Pirate spreads from Narragansett Creamery.

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