It’s what’s inside that counts: The Burrata

By Eve R. Green.

Hungry again and craving cheese during a recent visit to the Easton Farmers’ Market, we were drawn to the Foxboro Cheese table to investigate the day’s offerings. Local cheese is sometimes challenging to find, so we were thrilled to see that Foxboro Cheese was not only selling their own products but also an assortment of cheese made by fellow area artisans.


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Cheese Please: Narragansett Creamery

By Eve R. Green.

Starving and undecided about lunch options–after “I don’t know, what do you want?” was repeated for the third time–we decided to stop at Lee’s Market in Westport and opted for the tried and true bread, cheese, and olives. With only a plastic knife gleaned from the salad bar we decided on 2 soft spreads that could be slathered on our pre-sliced, in-house baked, bread and a small container of mixed marinated olives. Finding local options is easy at Lee’s, they offer many well-labeled choices not only in their cheese department but throughout the store. Without knowing much about either spreads we chose the Angelito and Pirate spreads from Narragansett Creamery.

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Heirloom vs Hybrid

There are some estimates that fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes have become so wildly popular over store-bought-ethanol-gas-ripened ones, that tomato plants are now grown in 9 out of 10 gardens in America. I tested the theory by using the line ‘do you have a garden?’ followed by ‘do you grow your own tomatoes?’ as a conversation stimulator when I met somebody new and I can tell you, 9 out of 10 times, a lengthy tomato discussion ensued. Tomato varieties, pest control (dratted hornworms), where they are planted in the garden, and what sympathetic plants are planted nearby were eagerly shared–people are passionate I tell you! It makes me smile inside.


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Out and About – Walkin’ the Food Talk: Wollaston Beach

by Robert McNulty.

Have you been to Wollaston Beach lately? If you enjoy walking for cardiovascular health, this “beach walk” is a terrific choice. A round trip walk is just a little shy of 5 miles. The beach side of Quincy Shore Drive features a wide, flat sidewalk surface; you can walk uninterrupted for the distance of the beach. It’s great for establishing a vigorous walking rhythm if you are interested in aggressively burning some calories.


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42 Degrees North, Manomet


From our hungry friends at Chow!

Originally posted on Chow:

IMG_20140710_215322_077Hooray!  Gina and the Big Dog have sniffed out yet another great place to dine in our area.

We arrived at 42 Degrees North, on Route 3A in Plymouth, on a warm summer evening to find the snazzy outdoor bar packed with patrons.  We spotted a couple of seats but found them marked with cell phones, the new universal symbol for “I’m still here.”  So we trudged indoors to the empty bar and nearly empty restaurant, and were glad we did.  There, we got the full attention of our affable bartender, Brooke, and learned lots of things.

For example, 42 Degrees North is part of a family of restaurants that include two more located further up the South Shore area than we typically venture.  They have a fishmonger who delivers a catch of the day and the kitchen is never sure what it’s going to be.  They change their menu…

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Love for Local Vendors: Babied by South Shore Organics

by Kate Zirpolo Flynn

I have a plan to break out of the winter and new mom hibernation: a trip to South Shore Organics to see Pam, Charlotte, and Maryann so I can get organic fruit and vegetables to make baby food! I live in Randolph which, in the Venn diagram that is the regions of eastern Massachusetts, is centered just above but outside the vector where suburban Boston and South Shore regions converge. This means I am adjacent to, but outside SSO’s regular delivery zone, and so I started bartering time for produce a couple of summers ago.
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Out and About – Walkin’ the Food Talk: The Greenway

By Robert McNulty.

Boston remains one of the Great Walkable Cities. For that matter, walking is often preferred over driving as the roadways don’t reflect any sense of order or pattern. Officially named The Rose Kennedy Greenway, this parkland has elevated walking to even greater popularity. For the pedestrians among us, The Greenway represents a crowning achievement in the 20-year “Big Dig” project. Where once stood the barricade-like Central Artery, now rests this inviting chain of parks. The cold shadows are gone. It is an area awash in sunlight and offers easy access to the adjoining neighborhoods and the trendy Seaport District. The Greenway presents a welcoming natural corridor from the Chinatown neighborhood to the Italian North End of Boston.


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Fruit of the Vine: What is EVOO Anyway?

by Cynthia Gallo-Casey.

This is the first of a two part series on olive oil quality and tasting. In this post, I’ll discuss some basic olive oil information and talk about how extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is made. In Part II, I’ll take you through an olive oil tasting and share a refreshing summer recipe.

As owner of olive oil boutique The Roman Table, I have the good fortune to share my passion for fabulous food and quality ingredients with my family, friends, customers, business associates and anyone who will listen on a day-to-day basis! My goal is to give each and every visitor to my shop not only a unique tasting experience, but also an education, and leave them wanting more! Through this blog, my hope is to share that knowledge with even more people.

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March Against Monsanto Saturday!

Teaching the kids about freedom, MAM style!

 Yes, I’d rather be barbequing.  Sure, I’d rather be filling up a tub full of beer and firing up the iTunes with an amazing playlist I crafted to win over both myself and guests.  But wait, I can do that AFTER I protest the takeover over of the American food system. It is a loooong weekend after all.

A year ago this week was the first March Against Monsanto was held around the world by over 2 million people, and this Saturday May 24th 2014 we will do it again, bigger, stronger, and with even more resolve. We RALLY and March for Food Justice!

Why do we March? In protest of the world’s biggest chemical companies creating Genetically Modified Organisms, and using them to alter/become our food, untested.  We are not anti-science; we are anti ‘being the science experiment’, which is happening now.

Over 60 countries limit, label, or outright BAN GMOs!  They’ve chosen to WAIT until the proper research has been done.  Here?  Our Government has supported Monsanto in the great race for PROFIT!

I wasn’t born with a dormant ‘Green Gene’ that suddenly fired up inside me, making me become ‘The Green Dad’. When my kids health was compromised, myself and ‘The Green Mom’ got busy (not that way!) trying to find out the ‘why’ of it all.

Why did this happen? Why does this happen? Where did it come from? And we were off down the rabbit hole.

The first thing we learned was that no one doctor, no one teacher, no one therapist, no one website, had all the answers we needed. It was our job to take all of the information given by all these resources, and then figure out what was REAL, and what worked best for us.

Our own scientific lab was created. We hit. We missed. We took notes. We tried. We failed. We started over. We tried harder. We laughed. We cried.

We didn’t go all organic overnight. We slowly removed the things that seemed to cause noticeable problems with our kids. We removed the red dye (in everything!), then we removed high fructose corn syrup (watch this and you will too). Then we started going more organic because time is money, and we were spending an awful lot of time reading labels! Buying certified organic means you don’t have to read all those pesky labels.

The better they ate, they better they seemed to do. So the cycle started; more organic, feel better, more organic, feel better, repeat.

Flash forward to today, and our 10 old son no longer tests on the autism spectrum. How about that? That’s a pretty bold statement, and I still get a bit teary writing it. AND, our 11 year old daughter got rid of her asthma. How’s them (Non-GMO) apples? No drugs needed.

When the ‘smarties’ say there’s no proof that GMO foods cause health problems, well, the removal of GMO foods in my home just about ‘cured’ my kids. That’s a fact jack. I don’t live in a laboratory, I live in the real world, and out here in the real world these foods, introduced in the mid-90s, are hurting us and our kids.

There may have been other reasons for your son getting better a smartie might retort. Yes of course, we haven’t ruled out that the Autism Gnome may have visited one night and waved his magic wand.

Every parent is a scientist, trying, testing, studying, charting, using placebo’s…. all of it, to make things work. Oh, that’s not your science, well again, in the real world I’ll choose my science every time. My science isn’t funded by big agriculture or big chemical or big pharmaceuticals. My science is based on making my kids healthier.

Of course there are plenty of scientists doing great work all over the world, I understand that, but let’s not forget parents are smart too, and nobody knows their kids better than them. Science can be great, but just cause it’s science doesn’t make it so.

There were plenty of smart people around when we agreed the world was flat. Plenty of smart people around who had slaves. Plenty of smart people around who decided women shouldn’t vote. Plenty of smart people around who told us ‘weapons of mass destruction’ were in Iraq, which started a war that killed our economy. And no, there were no WMD. Sometimes smart people aren’t so smart. And GMOs ain’t smart.

So that’s why I will March Against Monsanto in Boston this Saturday, and urge you to join me. I made a speech about it last year, and this year we’ve created a huge food RALLY, to be held at Copley Square in Boston, just yards away from the Boston Marathon finish line. Feel Boston Strong? Then come out and support us! Like freedom? Then come on out!

Still not sure? Don’t know much about it? Are afraid? Wanna just snarf hot dogs and watch hockey? Have never been to a protest?  Well fear not, the March Against Monsanto was my first, and now I’m HOSTING the thing!

Our old President __________ (fill in the blank), and our new President __________ (fill in the blank), will only continue to support big corporations, big banks, and the same old system. Feel helpless? Feel like your voice isn’t heard? Then please come out and be heard. You’ll meet some awesome people too I swear!

It’s up to you and me (yup, nobody else), to get out there and say ‘No!’.  That’s what we’re doing this Saturday in Boston and around the world.

After the March we’ll join the BBQ’s and graduation parties and beach shenanigans this long weekend, all of which will include plenty of FOOD.  There’s time for both, and in reality, we need to shake things up with the first thing before they completely control the second.

Find a March Against Monsanto near you here.

Learn more about Boston MAM here.

I’m bringing my kids, I hope to see you there (rain or shine), in person, or via the internet.

Mike Gioscia is a filmmaker, writer, blogger, DJ, chicken wrangler, and drummer. After the demise of WFNX in Boston he started a Green business; read more Mike at

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Paula’s Chicken in the Pot

by Paula Marcoux.

Recently, a farmer friend took up feeding meat birds primarily on surplus goat milk, and we have been among the beneficiaries. Mindful of the famous and inaccessiblevolailles de Bresse, the milk-fed poultry of France, I considered carefully the cooking methods most suitable for such rare and wonderful birds.

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