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20 Responses to We are Listening!

  1. Gail Heggie says:

    We are trying to make our backyard bountiful with vegetable and fruit for the family of 5

  2. Gail Heggie says:

    Do you have a recommendation for fruit wall for berries? Raspberries are out of control

  3. Sam says:


    I recently created an infographic on heirloom seeds that may be of interest to your readers. Would you like to take a look?


  4. blogman says:

    Plymouth County Beekeepers Association (PCBA)
    2015 Bee School

    The PCBA’s annual bee school is hosted and instructed by PCBA members and guest speakers. It is an 8 week course that is designed to provide new beekeepers with the basic knowledge that is needed to get started in beekeeping.

    Topics covered include:
    • History of beekeeping.
    • Equipment and woodenware.
    • Hive placement
    • Anatomy of honey bees.
    • Bee colony organization.
    • Feeding methods and feeders.
    • Hive inspection.
    • IPM: Integrated Pest Management.
    • Diseases and pests of the honey bee.
    • Local pollen and nectar sources.
    • Bee package installation.
    • Honey and beeswax products.

    The $50 enrollment fee includes the text book, course materials, and a year’s membership with the club. Classes are held in the Pembroke Community Center at 128 Center St. in Pembroke center which is located between the library and the town hall. Classes meet every other Thursday, from 7-9 PM, starting January 15. Although we can usually accommodate all who sign up, there are limits so please sign up as soon as possible.

    For more information and to register go to http://www.plymouthcountybeekeepers.org and click on link to the Bee School.

  5. The Preserve at the Bay Club will host their Fall Harvest BBQ on Saturday, October 18th at the luxurious, residential, country-club community in Mattapoisett, MA. Celebrity chef Andy Husbands and his team from Tremont 647 will be cooking up amazing barbecue for guests to enjoy. Additionally, the first 400 attendees to RSVP will receive a FREE autographed copy of Andy’s newest book, “Wicked Good Barbecue”. Adding to the festivities, Harpoon Brewery will be providing attendees the perfect beverage to wash down a delicious meal. Guests will also be invited to tour a model home.

  6. mammalin says:

    Curious if there are any dairies on the southcoast that do delivery to the Marion/Mattapoisett area.

    • eSS says:

      Good question. If you are looking for raw milk you have to go to the farm to buy it (state law). Otherwise try Hornstra in Norwell or Crescent Ridge in Sharon or Arruda in Tiverton RI. Thanks for reaching out.

  7. Hi there Edible South Shore Folks- I am new to the area, the new farm manager at Colchester Neighborhood Farm in Plympton, MA. I would love for you to profile our farm and CSA!

  8. Hi Edible South Shore & South Coast Blog,

    We’re Smart Lunches, an innovative online meal service that helps parents, kids and schools! We’ve read your blog and share your passion for food. I especially liked the post on Delicious Dumplings.

    We would love to find a way to work with you to get the word out about Smart Lunches. Just an idea is that we could do a guest blog post highlighting some of our healthy meal options. To learn more about us, you can visit our website, http://www.smartlunches.com.

    I look forward to potentially being able to partner with you!

    All the best,


  9. Annie says:

    Recommend you reach out to Kevin’s Honey Farm in Canton MA for an article. Not only does he raise bees and offer beautiful honey and things made from beeswax, he is a savior of beehives that happened to locate in unfavorable locations:) Really amazing! Helping to save and expand our bee population while creating wonderful products!

  10. Bob Farrell says:

    I believe in the Winter Edition there was a recipe for Lebanese Stuffed Chicken, and I think one of the Chefs was Ruth Cardoo, anyone still have it??

  11. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I’m a South Shore blogger and Edible reader who blogs about cooking for a family in a green and sustainable way. I visit local food producers on “field trips” and publish my own recipes for seasonable wholesome foods that the whole family can enjoy. Please take a minute to check out my site at http://itsnoteasyeatinggreen.com

  12. Carol Shrand says:

    I don’t see a search button, but wondering if you have new ideas for my bumper crop of strawberries? We enjoy fresh strawberries & bananas with cottage cheese in the morning, adding them into salads at dinner, done strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, and trifle already….looking for something new, preferably without adding much sugar or cooking completely. Since I pick them just before fully ripe, to beat the pests from enjoying them before we can, I need to sweeten them slightly in order to get kids to eat them raw. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • eSS says:

      If you have a dehydrator, we really like strawberry fruit leather. When the strawberries are super fresh, they need little to no sweeteners. You can flash freeze them and store for the winter. They’re great in smoothies, ice cream and as a topping for pancakes or waffles. With tons of strawberries you could also make jam. I’m always amazed at how good fresh strawberry jam tastes in the middle of January. If you’re concerned about the sugar, there are low and no sugar pectins available.

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