Winter Gardening = Organic seeds

Winter Gardening = Organic Seeds
by Jessica Wozniak of Vegging Out Gardeners
reprinted with permission from The GoGreen Web Directory Blog

Vegetable garden with 3 feet of snow

How do you keep organically gardening through the winter? SEED CATALOGS! I’m like a guy waiting for the sports page! I get a little giddy going to the mailbox hoping there is a seed catalog peering back at me.
But, what about organic seeds? Are they worth the extra cost? You may think it doesn’t matter where you buy your seeds, as long as you care for your garden organically. But, in fact, seed is as vital of a component to an organic garden as is the way plants are raised! So, let’s start the 2012 garden off on the right foot and learn why buying organic seed is important!
Definition: Organic seeds are created organically, meaning natural processes create the seeds without using any chemicals anywhere during production. They are grown and handled by certified organic farmers, and by law, organic seeds cannot be genetically engineered.
Good for the Environment: In conventional seed production, pesticides, and fungicides are applied at higher levels then allowed when growing food. In addition the organic seeds have not been pre-treated with fungicides intended to prevent mold or other fungi from growing on the seeds. Think about all the pollution you are keeping from entering soils and water systems when you choose organic seed.
Good for the Smaller Businesses: When you purchase conventional seed you are most likely supporting a mega corporation that profit from genetically engineered crops. There have been many consolidations of seed-companies and as a result it’s difficult to determine if Monsanto or Syngenta (or other huge corporation) somehow owns the company. By buying organic seeds, chances are much greater that you are supporting a local, regional seed system.
Good for Taste: Organic seeds for tastier veggies! Chemicals can interfere with the natural balance of the foods and wreck their taste. Yum – I love the taste of taste!
Good for Plants: Seeds produced organically will yield plants that are more adapted to, and more likely to thrive under, organic growing conditions. And for a bigger bonus, if you select a company in your region, they will know what grows and does well in your region. Meaning your seeds are practically guaranteed to work well in your zone.

Where to begin your 2012 garden? Check out the following links and start daydreaming of your  completely organic 2012 garden today.
Siskiyou Seeds
Uprising Seeds
High Mowing Seeds
Seeds of Change
Seed Savers Exchange
Turtle Tree Seed

You can also experiment with saving your seeds (might be a good idea to look for open-pollinated veggies). We always save our pumpkin seeds and grew a 3.5 pound pumpkin this past summer.



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