Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Locavore Living on a Budget

As a college student, I am no stranger to penny-pinching and coupon clipping. Unfortunately, also because of my less than spectacular budget, I have become a close personal friend with ramen noodles, ninety-nine cent deals, and a plethora of prepackaged and fast food treats. I, like many others trying to cut costs, have been cornered into the market of cheap food. This, I have found, has been one of the simplest ways for up-keeping an unhealthy lifestyle as well as cheap living. With this need to live cheaply, I have sacrificed the benefits of consuming fresh, local food. Upon microwaving my 200th bowl of late night Easy Mac, I began to ask myself, “Is there any way out? Can I avoid this? Can I eat local, healthy, fresh food on a budget?”

The answer? I am still not sure. Some argue that high quality food should rightfully be more expensive, but without any other choice, can I find my way around it? Whether it is possible or not, this blog series will serve as a log of my summer endeavors. My goal is to eat completely local at least once a week for under ten dollars a day. From making homemade preserves to finding food-stamp friendly farmer’s markets, I hope to test out all of the tricks of the trade and maybe even discover some of my own. Hopefully, I will learn some new things, share my struggles, and have a good time with my food.

Submitted by Sasha Laferte


About eSS&SC

The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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One Response to Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

  1. Good Luck Sasha! I will keep your endeavor in mind as I roam the markets this summer….remember, there is a wealth of difference (pun intended) between processed really bad cheap food, and maybe buying less-than-perfectly-organic fruits and Veggies. Haymarket in downtown Marshfield has good deals on produce.

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