Dream Dinners 6th Anniversary

Dream Dinners’ co-founder Stephanie Allen has, in the past, been a slave to the stresses of working a full-time job while juggling the responsibility of cooking delicious homemade meals for her children. As a smart solution, she began making “fix-and-freeze meals” for her family in 1986. She used fresh raw ingredients and perfected traditional pre-cooked methods achieving a result of better tasting meals. She refined the process for efficiency and began developing a collection of specialized recipes.

This practice became a business when her and her partner, Tina Kuna, realized the demand for easier ways to procure family dinners. Quickly and unintentionally, this business became a franchise and now has over one hundred stores spread all over the United States. Though there are many Dream Dinners locations, all have their own personal, local feel and have kept intact the core values in which Dream Dinners was founded.

One of these stores is the Dream Dinners in Plainville, MA run by Beth Flies. The 6th anniversary of this location is quickly approaching on June 4th. Locally owned and active in the community, this shop not only serves delicious food, but recently founded Mobil Chef. Mobil Chef, a service sponsored by the Andrew Cloutier Foundation, allows volunteers to prepare meals through the Plainville Dream Dinners shop and deliver them to families of cancer patients.

Dream Dinners in Plainville allows Massachusetts locals to come in for an hour to prepare their meals for the month and take them home to freeze. All that usually needs to be done on meal night is pop the gourmet creation into the oven! Meals they offer include delectable main dishes from Pacific Rim glazed steak with wonton crisps and sesame honey butter chicken to meatball marinara stuffed French bread and Rio Grande chicken fajitas. Side dishes, desserts and breakfast options are also offered. All ingredients are fresh and high quality and the company has pledged to use locally grown ingredients when possible.
Dream Dinners is a delicious and easy alternative to grocery shopping and the tedious hours spent preparing meals everyday. If you are nearby (and even if you’re not), Dream Dinners is definitely worth the trip!

51 Man-Mar Drive
Plainville, MA 02762


Click here to follow their plans for their
anniversary party on their Facebook page!


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The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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