GoGreen Web Directory Member Spotlight: South Shore Organics

Reprinted with permission from the Go Green Directory

The GoGreen Web Directory is excited to have Pam Denholm from  SOUTH SHORE ORGANICS  as our guest this week on our LOCAL & GREEN  LIVING segment on WATD 95.9!  South Shore Organics is a family-owned business that  delivers fresh local and organic produce to conscientious residents who want a food source they can trust. Everything is certified organic, or locally sustainably grown. And the best part? There is no commitment. You can order anytime.

A few facts about South Shore Organics:

1.       Where does your organic produce come from?
South Shore Organics works with local organic growers to bring you the freshest seasonal produce available. We purchase food from several small family farms throughout Plymouth County, as well as neighboring counties. We also work with Berkshire Organics in Western Massachusetts. Please visit the ‘Our Community’ page to view a complete list of the farms and businesses we work with. The content of each basket changes each week depending upon what is in harvest. We also work with an organic distributor from New England to offer variety and ensure that your basket is full of produce all year long.

2.      How fresh is the produce?
Food does not stay in our possession for more than 48 hours. We receive the food and put the baskets together in one day. The baskets are delivered to your door the next day. We order only what we need for each delivery.

3.      How does the produce compare to grocery stores?
The quality is better because you get it fresher! The local produce is picked on Wednesday and delivered to your door on Thursday or Friday. Much of the produce travels less than 40 miles to your table. The produce that comes from the organic distributor doesn’t sit on a store shelf out in the open. It isn’t waiting to be purchased in an open refrigerator or in a stack of other produce piled high. It hasn’t been poked or squeezed or smelled or dropped on the floor. In the grocery stores, produce is held in the back until the older produce is sold. All of our produce is received and delivered within 48 hours.

4.      Is everything organic?
Some local farms in Plymouth and neighboring counties are not certified organic by the USDA. We will always tell you how your fruit and vegetables were grown, and which local farm it comes from. All the produce that comes from the organic distributor is USDA certified.

5.      How will this service save me time, money, and gasoline?
You will reduce the time you spend at the grocery store substantially by not having to shop and sort through all the fruit and vegetables that others have already sorted through. You will not have to drive to various farmers markets or farms to find the best produce because we do that for you. Our prices were highly competitive with prices at grocery stores several months ago.

6.      What is the delivery area?
We deliver to Plymouth County and parts of Norfolk County. If you live outside the South Shore area, please contact us anyway. We will consider making special arrangements.

South Shore Organics helps residents achieve a lower carbon footprint, and a lower trash footprint too since food packaging is virtually non-existant with the service, and the food is more nutritious.

Interested in finding out more about South Shore Organics? Visit their website at http://www.southshoreorganics.com and be sure to visit the GoGreen Web Directory for all things GREEN in Massachusetts!

Reprinted with permission from the Go Green Directory.


About eSS&SC

The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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  1. kzflynn says:

    Reblogged this on greenapothecary and commented:
    While you all await another original post from me, check out Pam Denholm and South Shore Organics. I am volunteering for them a few hours a week this summer; they don’t deliver to my town so I offered an exchange of time for a box of AMAZING produce. I’ll post my own pix soon about my adventures with SSO.

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