Yummy Pickles and Salsa

Hyperlocal:  The Backyard Garden

The garden is really starting to pump out produce at this point.  In addition to freezing and dehydrating, I also do quite a bit of canning.  A great site for learning the basics of canning, is the Ball canning site.  They have how to videos, pictures and lots of recipes.  There is also a great canning event with Rosa Galeno coming up on August 11th.

When my kitchen table looks like this:

Harvest surplus

It’s time to can something.  I started with bread and butter pickles.  There are recipes all over the internet, but I used the tried and true recipe from the Ball Blue Book.  This is the bible of canning.  It has everything you ever needed to start canning.  Lots of great recipes and lots of how to.

Cucumbers and onions for pickles

While I waited for the cucumbers to be ready, it was on to salsa.  We love salsa and my favorite recipe is one I found on the internet.  It’s called Annie’s Salsa.  This recipe has been safety tested and is absolutely wonderful.  We didn’t care for the recipe in the ball book, and when I found this one, we fell in love.  Today was only one batch, but I’ll be making several more to get us through the year.

Salsa cooking up before canning

The salsa got canned up and set aside.


Then it was time for the pickles.

Bread and butter pickles

I did a double batch of pickles, and that will probably last us for the year.  Next time I’ll make some kosher dills.  Yum!

Heather Smith can also be found at Heather’s Homemaking.  Like her on Facebook for even more updates and info.

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