Mama Micki’s: Hugs and Cookies

Delivering Local
By: Janet Kalandranis

I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to hug someone you just met an hour earlier. Oh well, I broke that rule. I hugged Micki – THE Micki, of Mama Micki’s All Natural Bakery – and I don’t think you can blame me as there were cookies and brownies and her warm smile involved. Cookies and hugs go together.


Many of you may recognize the Mama Micki’s brand, her sweet treats are sold at many of our favorite South Shore stores. Little brown bags with a cute sticker and always reminding us that cookies can be all-natural. (It’s okay if you already want to hug her.) Well, Micki had bigger dreams, ones that included growing out of her residential kitchen and being able to create a place where more all-natural treats, more gluten-free goodies and more vegan-wonders could be created. And guess what, she did just that.

Stroll on down Front Street in Scituate Harbor and you will see Mama Micki’s new store, one that boasts a cute little storefront with daily treats written on an erase board and a beautiful kitchen where she and her staff can properly create. What this team is doing is not any old baking. The team takes its job seriously and understands what it means to say “gluten-free” or “vegan” or “all-natural.” They live it, they breathe it and they kinda kiss it all over the place.

That’s right, anything for the gluten-free side of baking is over-labeled with fun red lips. It’s to show their dedication to making sure they can provide an OUTSTANDING tasting treats no matter the specifications. Mama Micki’s isn’t creating a vegan cookie or a gluten-free brownie they are simply baking up the best-tasting treats on this side of the river. Because that’s what “clean eating is all about!” according to Micki. It’s not about an alternative but instead a treat that makes your mouth smile, your eyes close and your taste buds celebrate. Trust me, I did some tasting. (Hint: Go for the coconut cream brownie.)


And Micki’s idea of doing it right means no shortcuts. It’s a small-batch bakery with no mixes and a special gluten-free flour blend she mixes herself. And all Micki’s ingredients are specially sourced to fit within a specific label at the bakery – organic, gluten-free, all-natural or vegan. When you’re sourcing your white chocolate from Italy because it’s the best, you’re definitely doing something right! And Micki has a great team with Amy Turini baking alongside of her and Jennifer Geoghegan managing everything non-flour related. This team is 4 days in to to being open thanks to Blizzard Nemo (yes, just 4 days!), but I have a feeling that it’s quickly going to turn into 4 months, 4 years, 4 decades and so on.


Passion can be easily felt through a cupcake or a brownie. I’m positive of this. And then when you meet the woman behind Mama Micki’s who created all this passion in a small tasty package it’s almost too much to bear. So maybe hold back that hug and indulge in one of her handmade treats instead. It’s a hug for your sweet tooth and your heart all at once.

Mama Micki’s
37 Front Street, Scituate Harbor

Janet Kalandranis is lover of all things local, especially food. She is a marketing guru by day and documents her free time about her love of food, family and the South Shore at


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The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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2 Responses to Mama Micki’s: Hugs and Cookies

  1. Bill Field says:

    Nice work on this blog. The sweets caught my eye – but was killing me based on always giving up sweets for lent. Good writing as well. Hope all is well. FieldActivate is up and running. New blog is called Channel Crossing. What’s is occupying your marketing passion these days?

  2. Martha M. Stone says:

    Micki is the best. I ordered treats for a catering event last Friday, Thumbprints with raspberry, banana cupcakes with vanilla glaze and double chocolate mint brownies. 12 dozen pieces were more than enough for the 50 guests, plus a special pack of gluten free treats for the sole gluten free guest, however there was no hesitation in finding guests to joyfully pack the extras to go. Micki, her husband Ken and their wonderful staff are true servants, kind, loving and gentle. Their integrity is beyond question.

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