Good Health Natural Foods: Healthy and Tasty in One Little Package

Delivering Local
By: Janet Kalandranis

I was eating almond butter way before it was even cool to do so. It was like I knew it would be cool before that actually happened. I would search health food stores and random gourmet shops to find my fresh almond butter and it was stressful. I don’t stress any more I just go to Good Health Natural Foods – if only I had known about them in my earlier almond butter years.

So I’m a sucker for anything healthy, healthier or different. I find it a fun challenge to cook a 4-course meal for my vegan friends or to create a tasty dessert that is completely grain-free. Yet many of the ingredients to create such masterpieces are hard to find or the selection is limited. So I was told to try Good Health Natural Foods and as suspected I completely ignored the suggestion. FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. And then I walked in and my whole world changed. I’m pretty sure I’ve never smiled that big on any other Sunday night and I’ve never wanted so much to just stay for hours and peruse. The store is my healthy heaven, that doesn’t take away taste but compliments it with all that is natural. Oh, and they have fresh almond butter. And fresh almond butter with chocolate. My world is complete.


I love how walking into Good Health Natural Foods takes the pressure off being whatever you happen to be. There’s no weird stare when I ask for unsweetened coconut, there’s no confusion when I want cacao and not cocoa and the amount of healthy snacks the store carries is a treat for my eyes. I currently have some stored in my freezer – you know, in case there’s an emergency and I can’t drive the 15 minutes to get there, I’m covered.


But let’s talk about how this haven makes different feel absolutely perfect. Because that’s just the thing, different is the new normal and that’s right where I want to be. And it’s not just food, but vitamins and beauty products that are specific to a lifestyle. And it’s local. Not just in its physical state in Hanover or Braintree but in the way the Good Health Natural Food supports local farmers and carries products right from our backyard. I’m pretty sure this store just hands out smiles at the door.


So what are my favs? Basically the entire row of nut/seed butters that no other store carries. Cashew butter? You bet. Pumpkin butter? Of course. Hazelnut butter? Absolutely. And then there’s the homemade snacks that are not only healthy, but taste absolutely amazing. I’m partial to those honey pistachio energy chunks. I ration them out and hide them in my cabinet so no one else can find them. They are like my little heaven, my little moment of peace, for my body and for my heart.

So I thank you Good Health Natural Food for being who you are and where you are in our South Shore. I apologize for ignoring you for a year and I hope my smiles aren’t too big each time I enter the doors. Oh, and one more thing, you may want to order some extra of that almond chocolate butter.

Good Health Natural Food
1630 Hancock St, Quincy, MA – 617-773-4925
219 Columbia Rd (Rt 53), Hanover, MA – 781-826-0808

Janet Kalandranis is lover of all things local, especially food. She is a marketing guru by day and documents her free time about her love of food, family and the South Shore at


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The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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4 Responses to Good Health Natural Foods: Healthy and Tasty in One Little Package

  1. Thanks for posting! It’s really great that you were able to find a natural food grocery store. I started to eat more organic foods several years ago, then I completely switched to living a vegan lifestyle three years ago. Like you, I also had to hunt down different health food stores to shop at. There are a few in my area, so I’m really lucky to have several options to shop at so that I can also get my organic food and natural almond butter fix.

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  3. Lisa Henning says:

    Love that place! They have a great pet section, also, and that’s where I get my dried chicken jerky for my four-footed girl.

  4. Lori says:

    We LOVE Good Health…not only do they always seem to have what I’m in search of (food or supplement), but the staff are incredibly helpful. Friendly, full of knowledge, available to answer questions and willing to special order hard-to-find items.

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