Lido is My Juice Bar Jam

by: Janet Kalandranis

I win. It’s like I was cool without even knowing it. Remember how I told you about eating almond butter before it was “the thing.” Well, I also drank juice (real juice) before it was even thought to be delicious. That’s right, my first beet and carrot juice was 9 years ago and I’ve wanted it every day from then on out. Luckily, 9 short years later and Lido has opened. So maybe I’m not cool – but this juice bar, VERY cool.

Truthfully, I’m not one to follow the crowd but if I like something I go with it. And real juice from real fruit and veggies is my JAM! (Saying JAM demonstrates how uncool I actually am). Lido is also my JAM.

Stephen and Alyson, the dynamic duo and best friends that thought up this concept have made juice accessible and local and quite beautiful if you ask me. We’re talking shots of wheat grass, green juice with a kick of ginger and real coconut water. So real that Stephen takes what I like to call a “be-heading” knife and cracks open the coconut while you wait. This is real coconut water – you’ll never be able to go back now.


My favorites from Lido include Immunity and The Village Green with cilantro. So many refreshing greens mixed with some fruits and I’m a happy camper. I’m pretty sure I smile a little bigger on the days I visit Lido. And I’m positive that I stand a little bit taller. It’s my body saying “Thank You,” so who am I to argue.

So how did this chic juice bar meets French café come to be? Well it all started and ended with juice. Real juice. About 5 years ago when the duo tasted fresh juice and realized that the South Shore was without one of these havens. So they searched and searched and then Ripley Road came to be the place where the duo would live out its passion. And it’s oh such a good passion to have. We’re talking about fresh green juices, homemade cashew milk and kinky lemonade. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get, or taste, any better than that. It’s juice for today, juice when you need it and also cleanses created uniquely by Lido.


So as much as I love juice I really don’t want to juice at my house. First, I’d have to buy a juicer, then find a recipe and to be quite honest I’d rather just go visit my friends at Lido. I get smiling faces and juice that is full of my favorite antioxidents, gets rid of the toxins and repairs my body. Yes, it’s like a Band-Aid for my ailing body that sometimes eats too many cookies. And, get this, Lido is also growing and selling wheatgrass by the flat. I love wheatgrass – that’s not a lie, just another reason why I’m so cool.


And what’s next for Lido – to-go options of course! I can feed my need for fresh juice when I’m late (which is half the time) and then I can hang around and just watch the juicing happen when I need some time away from work. Lido’s new grab-and-go refrigerator will not only have juice, but some yummy new food options. We’re talking hummus, tabouli and macrobiotic pressed salad to go along with my juice. I’m a happy camper. Please excuse my slurping as I finish my juice.

Lido Juice Bar
103 Ripley Road
Cohasset, MA

Janet Kalandranis picJanet Kalandranis is lover of all things local, especially food. She is a marketing guru by day and documents her free time about her love of food, family and the South Shore at

For more by Janet, check out her article Savory and Sweet and her review of Good Health Natural Foods.


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