Dishing on Donuts: Dockside Donuts

by Sarah Puleo.

As I’ve traveled from town to town searching for the best donuts on the South Shore, I haven’t ignored the other great pastries that are out there. Baked goods of all kinds are fair game. Combining flour, sugar, butter, yeast, or baking soda can yield surprising and amazing results. Thankfully, Dockside Donuts in Marshfield, MA is serving up donuts and homemade muffins alongside strong coffee and local flavor.

For those who rise with the sun, Dockside Donuts is open at 4:30 am on weekdays and 5:00 am on the weekends. The small shop sits mere blocks from the ocean and their Boston team flags sway in the salty wind. Inside, the smell of fresh muffins and donuts fills the air. There are a few tables and a counter to sit at, if you can’t wait to dig in.

The old-fashioned donut is true to form: soft, slightly crunchy, and perfectly dunkable. The hint of nutmeg in an old-fashioned is that special something that takes them from dull to delectable. If you’re looking for a real indulgence, try the chocolate frosted old-fashioned.  The chocolate glaze is rich and creamy.


Other favorites included the strawberry frosted, buttercrunch, and glazed. I also spotted the ever-elusive jelly-filled stick. That’s almost as rare as a blueberry donut! They also serve a variety of huge, homemade muffins daily ranging from chocolate chip to cranberry.

The service at Dockside Donuts is friendly and warm. This family-run business makes sure everyone feels welcome and gets just the right treat. The fact that this donut shop is seaside is the icing on the cake.

On a serious note, I do want to share that Dockside Donuts is not going out of business. I asked them about the “For Sale” sign which is prominently displayed on the building. The building is for sale but Dockside Donuts has a long-term lease that will be honored. That’s good news for the Camelios and great news for anyone who loves them.

Dockside Donuts is located at 17 Sea Street in Marshfield, MA. You can call them at (781) 837-1741.

Sarah Puleo is a Texan transplant who blends her Southern home cooking with the flavors of Massachusetts and the Irish-Italian family she married into.  When she’s not cooking or doing dishes, she’s playing trucks with her son or driving around the South Shore with her husband looking for her next great meal.  Read about her adventures at


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One Response to Dishing on Donuts: Dockside Donuts

  1. lori says:

    I’m just catching up on my reading…so a bit behind, but I really enjoy your adventures hunting down donut shops. Looking forward to stopping by Dockside for a donut one day soon!

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