Label GMOs in MA: Please sign and share the petition

Please sign and share this petition to demand GMO labeling in MA!

Massachusetts elected officials have the opportunity to join a national push toward mandatory GMO labeling! But industry lobbyists are telling our Reps that people don’t need to know if their food is genetically engineered.

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Please sign this petition:

Join us in telling them:
“We need to know what we’re feeding our families.”

March 19th is a deadline for legislators to vote bills out of committee.

Now is the time for everyone to make their voices heard on this issue. Please take action, now! (pick one or all!):

1. Sign the petition (within seconds): 

2. BETTER – Send a quick email (click & send):

3. BEST  – Call your rep’s office!:

4. Share this image/action alert with your friends in Massachusetts!

Unless state legislators hear from people across the state in big numbers, they may not act on proposed legislation before a March 19th committee deadline. With Monsanto and pals literally trying to make GMO labeling ILLEGAL, and with 30 new GMO crops in the pipeline, we can’t wait until 2016 to pass GMO labeling in Massachusetts and to activate an existing GMO labeling law in Connecticut*.

Please take action today to declare your right to know – while you still can!

*Thank you for standing up for a more democratic and transparent food system!*

For complete details on the campaign to pass GMO labeling in Massachusetts, please visit and follow us on social media for the latest action alerts and updates, and please share/post/like/favorite/comment/retweet:


*Bonus*: Is your legislator a GMO labeling leader? see if they’re on our list:

*Connecticut and Maine both passed GMO labeling bills in 2013, but they rely on neighboring states passing similar legislation before they take effect. Vermont is expected to vote on a GMO labeling bill that already passed through it’s house by a landslide. This is a perfect time to join the regional tipping point toward food democracy!





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