Holiday Ham

Celebrate Easter with locally raised pork.

Brown Boar Farm is actually located in Wells, Vermont, where heritage breed pigs are raised humanely, fed well, and given plenty of room to root. But Brown Boar Farm is local though and owned by Marshfield resident Peter Burrows. His daughter Meaghan, who lives in Scituate, runs the farm’s marketing efforts. Because of these close ties to the area, Brown Boar pork is available on the South Shore. No trip to Vermont necessary!

Photo courtesy of Brown Boar Farm.

Photo courtesy of Brown Boar Farm.

How does a South Shore resident come to own a pig farm in Vermont? Peter and his late wife Regina raised their children in Scituate, where the family spent countless hours working in their vegetable garden. Nearing retirement and with his children grown, Peter thought a farm would be a wonderful way to keep his family connected doing something they all loved. So, in 2001, he purchased a 106-acre farm near his daughter Sarah’s Vermont home. It has truly become a family affair. Sarah and her son, Aidan, often help out at the farm and Meaghan sells Brown Boar’s pork at several farmers’ markets on the South Shore.

Meaghan helps us understand the products they sell by providing the following information about their Ham products:

Split Ham
A whole ham can run 18-20 pounds, so we have them “split”, meaning we get two hams out of one. The split ham is usually 7-10 pounds, which is the range most people are looking for. All of our hams are bone-in.

Ham Steak
Ham steak comes from a ham that has been sliced. They are usually about 1 inch thick and are very versatile. My favorite ways to prepare a ham steak is grilling alongside pineapple or cubed and tossed in pasta with peas and cheese.

Ham Ends
The ham end is the piece that is left after making ham steaks–we only slice off the thickest part of the ham. The ends usually are about 3-5 pounds and they are perfect for a small group.

Smoked ham
Our smoked hams are nitrate free (some customers have expressed surprise that our hams aren’t bright pink–this is due to the natural smoking process, it’s the nitrates that cause the meat to turn pink). Smoked means it’s been cured and you technically don’t need to heat it, although most people tend to prefer them heated. To heat roast the ham for 13-17 minutes at 325 degrees. They are probably the easiest cut of meat to prepare because you literally just have to put it in the oven and heat, it can be as simple as that. Or you can make a glaze or brown sugar crust, cover with cloves, etc.

Fresh Ham
A fresh ham hasn’t been cured and needs to be thoroughly cooked.

Brown Boar Farm April Price sheet

If you’re looking for other choices in locally raised meat please see this resource list provided by the South Shore Locavores for beef, poultry, lamb, and rabbit options.

Brown Boar Farm will be at Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset Saturday, April 12th, 11 AM until 1 PM. For additional availability please email Meaghan Burrows Swetish at or “like” Brown Boar Farm on Facebook.


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  1. eSS says:

    Durfort Farms, with fresh ground beef and a wide variety of steaks and roasts will also be at Holly Hill April 12th.

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