Out and About – Walkin’ the Food Talk: The Greenway

By Robert McNulty.

Boston remains one of the Great Walkable Cities. For that matter, walking is often preferred over driving as the roadways don’t reflect any sense of order or pattern. Officially named The Rose Kennedy Greenway, this parkland has elevated walking to even greater popularity. For the pedestrians among us, The Greenway represents a crowning achievement in the 20-year “Big Dig” project. Where once stood the barricade-like Central Artery, now rests this inviting chain of parks. The cold shadows are gone. It is an area awash in sunlight and offers easy access to the adjoining neighborhoods and the trendy Seaport District. The Greenway presents a welcoming natural corridor from the Chinatown neighborhood to the Italian North End of Boston.


With the warner weather upon us, we decided to walk The Greenway and do some exploring. We drove from the South Shore and conveniently parked at The South Station Bus Terminal. From there, we started our Greenway Walk at Dewey Square and took note of the creative landscaping along the walking paths. For the connected crowd, free Wi-Fi service is available along The Greenway.


There are a number of attractions along the walkway. On this particular day, there were several market vendors, artists, and trendy food trucks. We managed to pass on The Bacon Truck and continued our journey. As we approached the North End neighborhood, we came across a popular carousel, a welcome stop for the youngsters and the young at heart.


We visited the Haymarket produce stalls and took in the sights. This is a great people-watching spot; the clamor and bartering can be engaging and amusing.


Once in the North End, we took pleasure in the great variety of restaurants, cafés, bread bakeries, markets, pastry shops and occasional street food vendors. This area is a sensory delight.


We did stop for lunch at Monica’s Mercato on Salem Street; attracted by the sign that read “The Best Italian Sandwich in Boston” (awarded by another online food site). The market was holding a wine tasting and it was brimming with delightful food offerings. We ordered the prized sandwiches and enjoyed them at a public table on The Greenway. Incidentally, Monica’s Mercato is popular with a number of the Boston Bruins who live in the neighborhood and neighboring Charlestown.


It’s always a pleasure walking the streets of the North End; taking in the sights and sounds. We also explored some of the historical sites and visited St. Leonard’s Church and Peace Garden; appreciating the art and architecture.


There is much to be said about these treks into The North End and other areas that intersect The Greenway. Do yourself a favor and embark on your own discoveries.

BREAKING NEWS: Weekend Boat Service has returned for the South Shore/Boston. This is another great option for casual visitors to get “Out and About.”

We welcome your opinions, your own favorites and other suggestions. Enjoy!







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The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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