Love for Local Vendors: Babied by South Shore Organics

by Kate Zirpolo Flynn

I have a plan to break out of the winter and new mom hibernation: a trip to South Shore Organics to see Pam, Charlotte, and Maryann so I can get organic fruit and vegetables to make baby food! I live in Randolph which, in the Venn diagram that is the regions of eastern Massachusetts, is centered just above but outside the vector where suburban Boston and South Shore regions converge. This means I am adjacent to, but outside SSO’s regular delivery zone, and so I started bartering time for produce a couple of summers ago.
Early last spring, mid-pregnancy, Pam loaded me up with the most wonderful fruits – the kiwi alone were an enlightening taste experience – to make an unforgettable, and lasting, salad that baby and I could possibly have had. I felt nurtured through and through; not only because of the incredibly fresh food, but because of the wonderful women of SSO that made this kind of healthy, mindful, and delicious so effortlessly possible for us. Now, when my son tastes real food for the first time, this is the kind of experience I want for him, too.


Pam Denholm

Charlotte Sannizzaro

Charlotte Sannizzaro











SSO recently expanded to include a storefront. It’s very cool. I got to help out a bit, even, when they were refurbishing. I had lots of fun hanging some of those crates on the wall! And now they hold so many thoughtfully chosen pantry products.

All I could think was: one of each, please.

Books and Herbs

Books and Herbs

Meats and Cheeses

Meats and Cheeses







Coded pantry goods! See the colored wood plaques up on top of the shelves by the wagons? Blue for No GMO, green for Local, light yellow/off white for Organic.


See the colored pegs in front of the rhubarb marmalade? That means this product is Local, Non-GMO, and Organic. These pegs are in front of all those products so you know what you’re getting.


Here’s what we got:

eSS10 eSS11

The receipt says “LOVE LOCAL FOOD”.

Here’s what we’ve made so far:

You would not believe the colors on these peaches – like the best fall foliage ever. The scraps went right into the compost, of course.


To make the baby food, I’ve been using a combination of the recipes in The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet by Karin Knight. and the directions for the steamer. Both pictured above.


Add the water from the steamer to the blender with the peaches, et voila – four meals of gorgeous peaches awaiting their taste discovery.


Next to be made will be the carrots and then the beets. Looking forward to my next SSO encounter already.

Kate Zirpolo Flynn is a Jersey girl gone local, with a nutrition degree who doesn’t want to tell people what or how to eat, just to look for the best to be had as close as possible to home. Having grown up in the Garden State, with a backyard garden and roadside stands brimming with beefsteak tomatoes and sweet corn she still dreams of, she loves to focus on how going local can lead to a more sustainable, and delicious life.


About kzflynn

I'm a late blooming working mom trying to save the planet with my mind and my money.
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