Out and About – Walkin’ the Food Talk: Wollaston Beach

by Robert McNulty.

Have you been to Wollaston Beach lately? If you enjoy walking for cardiovascular health, this “beach walk” is a terrific choice. A round trip walk is just a little shy of 5 miles. The beach side of Quincy Shore Drive features a wide, flat sidewalk surface; you can walk uninterrupted for the distance of the beach. It’s great for establishing a vigorous walking rhythm if you are interested in aggressively burning some calories.


The Wollaston walks never become routine or boring. The scenery is constantly changing with an assist from the weather and shifting tides. The sweeping views are to be savored and appreciated. This area offers additional amenities and resources for everyone. Take note of the parks, playgrounds and pleasant conservation areas available for some quiet time.



There are a few choices for replacing some of those expended calories along Quincy Shore Drive. Walking past the “clam shacks” can be difficult; the intoxicating aromas are distracting. On a nice day, the outside patios are bustling with activity at The Clam Box and Tony’s Clam Shoppe. For many of us, the summer season wouldn’t be complete without an order of fried clams or maybe a lobster roll. These venerable “clam shacks” have so much more to offer; the menus are extensive. For a real treat, take in a serious walk and re-discover Wollaston Beach. Then, recoup with a 20 to 30 minute breather and visit one of these great eateries. Sit and relax at an outdoor patio table and enjoy some of the great culinary delights of the season. Enjoy the salt air and maybe indulge in some people watching.



At the very least, enjoy an ice cream treat at Matilda’s or The Ice Box. Karen Djerf is the friendly proprietor of Matilda’s. She takes pride in her establishment; with a little encouragement, she may offer some insight on the history of Matilda’s, Tony’s Clam Shoppe…and, the family. This is a pleasant spot to relax, recharge your batteries and reflect on the day.



The Wollaston beach area is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation or DCR. This agency does a commendable job in maintaining the facilities and a Comfort Station conveniently located about half way along the route. In addition, there are a number of benches and shaded areas on both sides of the roadway.


Consider the quieter “sanctuaries” at each end of Wollaston Beach. On the northern end of the beach, there is Moswetuset Hummock, a nice area to walk and take in the marsh and Quincy Bay views. At the southern end of the beach is Caddy Park at Blacks Creek. This 15 acre site is a wonderful place to explore; there is convenient parking available. If you are interested in doing a full loop walk of Wollaston Beach, this is a great spot to start and complete your journey.


Do yourself a favor and enjoy a healthy walk along the Quincy shore. Here’s a tip: If the restaurants are too crowded, order something to go and find a picnic table at Caddy Park. You won’t be disappointed.

What about you? We would love to hear from you about your own routines, stories and discoveries regarding Wollaston Beach.


Tony’s Clam Shoppe: http://www.tonysclamshop.com/

The Clam Box: http://www.clamboxquincy.com/

DCR Quincy Shore:        http://www.mass.gov/eea/agencies/dcr/massparks/region-boston/quincy-shores-reservation.html

Friends of Wollaston Beach: http://wollastonbeach.org/about-fwb


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