Cheese Please: Narragansett Creamery

By Eve R. Green.

Starving and undecided about lunch options–after “I don’t know, what do you want?” was repeated for the third time–we decided to stop at Lee’s Market in Westport and opted for the tried and true bread, cheese, and olives. With only a plastic knife gleaned from the salad bar we decided on 2 soft spreads that could be slathered on our pre-sliced, in-house baked, bread and a small container of mixed marinated olives. Finding local options is easy at Lee’s, they offer many well-labeled choices not only in their cheese department but throughout the store. Without knowing much about either spreads we chose the Angelito and Pirate spreads from Narragansett Creamery.

IMG_1530We soon discover that Angelito is whipped and really easy to spread (thankfully). The first few bites offer a distinct jalapeño pepper flavor but without the heat, which was a positive experience since we are heat wimps. But wait…it’s building­…after the third slice of bread slathered with the spread…geez there’s the heat. Advice: gobble a chunk of bread–PLAIN–to cut the burn. Additional salvation comes with a couple cold salty olives to chill the tongue. Although, we have to admit to eyeing Lee’s Wine and Spirits right next door. A cold beer anyone?

Our second cheese spread was the roasty tomato-red Pirate Spread with a surprising base of Feta cheese. From their website: “A spicy, sweet spread made with Salty Sea Feta, sundried tomatoes, rosemary, cayenne pepper and olive oil. Its boldness makes it a perfect match for grilled meats, veggie pizza, or oven fries.” This spread was spicy and very flavorful but not overly hot–thank goodness.


Narragansett Creamery is located in Providence and makes artisan cheeses. From their website: “We make cheese everyday because we love to and because we believe in freshness. We use local milk, kind bacteria, vegetable-based rennet, salt, and nothing else. While we are not certified organic, we are thoughtful in our actions and our purchases. We support fair-trade and local ingredients to the best of our ability and our farmers pledge to not use growth hormones. We are proud to be a family-owned company supported by the Southern New England community we belong to.” This is this kind of food and business we love and want to support!

Eve R. Green believes in local-first and that there are nearly always options of locally-grown and produced food if you search with intention and thoughtfulness. And, of course, she loves cheese.




About eSS&SC

The South Shore and South Coast has been home to hunting, gathering, fishing, farming––and great eating––for over 10,000 years. We are committed to identifying, devouring, and sharing all that Southeastern Massachusetts has to offer today and preserving local options for future generations.
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