Meet the Elite Chefs of SE Massachusetts: Chef Greg Jordan, Owner and Executive Chef of The Quarry Restaurant

edible South Shore & South Coast recently enjoyed an exclusive interview with Chef Jordan, and a delicious meal.

The Quarry is a scratch kitchen that merges rustic New England flavors with a modern twist all inside a beautiful granite hall. Executive Chef Greg Jordan is officially the new owner of The Quarry having achieved his long-held goal of sole ownership. Many new changes and upgrades have been made over the past few months and guests have been thrilled.

eSS&SC: What is your favorite Quarry dish?
Greg Jordan: The Quarry Burger and Hanger Steak!

eSS&SC: Can you tell us more about the newest items on your menu? Why did you choose to add them?
GJ: New to the menu is fried calamari with roasted cherry pepper aioli. Our guests love it and it is perfect for warm weather patio snacking. The trick to its greatness is the use of fresh calamari from Point Judith in Rhode Island. The fish business can be deceptive and we go to extra lengths to source for the best and most flavorful.

eSS&SC: What is a staple item in any good kitchen?
GJ: A quality knife that is kept extremely sharp. It should whisk the hairs off your arm.

eSS&SC: What are the hottest food trends you’ve been seeing? Have you tried any at your restaurant?
GJ: For me, I’d rather forgo the trends and focus on what’s in season, delicious, and sparks my creative interest.

eSS&SC: When you are feeling carnivorous, what meat do you go for? How would it be prepared?
GJ: I enjoy a delicious steak or rib-eye on the grill, with a simple marinade of fresh herbs, salt, and pepper.

eSS&SC: If you were picking a vegetarian option, how would you want the vegetable prepared?
GJ: For myself, I enjoy fresh green asparagus at room temperature, marinated in citrus and garlic.

eSS&SC: When picking a savory seafood meal, what prepared dish do you prefer?
GJ: At this time of the year, I enjoy oysters with a little mignonette and some rosé, like Miraval Rosé, which we serve by the glass.

eSS&SC: When you go out to eat, where would you go?
GJ: When I get a rare moment, I visit and support my friends’ restaurants. They’ve done it for me and I love seeing what they are doing.

eSS&SC: What place would you choose to live based solely on their food?
GJ: Italy!

eSS&SC: What is something no one knows you can do?
GJ: I am a great builder and DIYer.

eSS&SC: What is the most unusual job you’ve had? How long were you there?
GJ: I worked for three years in insurance as an evaluation specialist before I attended culinary school.

eSS&SC: What is something you loved eating as a child but, would never eat today?
GJ: As a child, I enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes. Today, I’m not a fan of them or chocolate chip muffins.

eSS&SC: After a long, exhausting day, starving and thirsty, what do you make to eat and drink?
GJ: Grilled cheese! I’d drink a beer or a bourbon with it.

eSS&SC: What is the most unusual thing you’ve eaten?
GJ: As a chef, I don’t think there is much that is weird. I’ve had brains and cod sperm.

eSS&SC: What is something that sounds odd that you like to eat?
GJ: I like a good grilled cheese.

eSS&SC: What are some of your personal favorite items that are grown, produced, brewed, and/or distilled in Southern Massachusetts?
GJ: There are so many to name. I like Spirits from Rhonda at Boston Harbor Distillery and our own collaborative Hefeweizen beer with Barrel House Z that’s launching this summer. It is an American wheat beer with notes of pineapple and rum, plus a touch of orgeat aged in Jamaican rum barrels. It is phenomenal.

eSS&SC: What are the local farms and/or producers you work with for some of your restaurant’s ingredients?
GJ: Island Creek Oysters for oysters, Hornstra Farms for ice cream and dairy, and Norwell Farms for assorted vegetables.

Thank you Chef Jordan for chatting with us today and for your extra time and effort supporting local food.

Chef Jordan recently shared his tips on oyster-opening and burger making in person, as part of the eSS&SC Elite Chefs of SE Massachusetts series at KAM Appliances in Hanover.

Here’s one tip on forming the patty.
And here are Greg’s tips on opening an oyster.
And, here’s our photo album from the special event.

The Quarry
415 Whiting St, Hingham, MA 02043
(781) 340-7300

KAM Appliances
1176 Washington Street
Hanover MA 02339
(781) 829-0810


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