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How to Grow Armfuls of Dahlias for Cut-flowers

Dahlias are really quite simple to grow and one of the most rewarding cut garden flowers to have in your garden. They’ll provide garden drama and armloads of beautiful blooms summer thru first frost. Continue reading

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Gifting My Mistakes: Reflections of a Novice Farmer

10 steps to grow shiitake mushrooms and a seasoned farmer offers strategies to grow your own organic food. Kohei offers his novice farmer mistakes to learn from so you can get growing! Continue reading

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Market’s Opening Signals Start of Spring for Hingham Foodies

Local market gardeners and farmers arrived to show off their “babies” – seedlings of basil, thyme, mint and the like – which had spent the previous weeks in greenhouses, sprouting and gaining strength before leaving for new homes on windowsills, in gardens and in planters. And of course, what would a farmers’ market be without a few guilty pleasures? There were too many to choose… Continue reading

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Seed Starting for a Lifetime of Gardening

Planting seeds can be a fun activity on a rainy afternoon. Just the simple act of pushing the seed into the soil is exciting!. Allowing kids to help water, measure, photograph and care for the seedlings and plants, at all stages, can be just what they need to encourage a lifetime of gardening. Continue reading

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Black Pepper Beef Jerky- Homemade and Nourishing!

This homemade beef jerkey recipe hits just the right balance of sweet – salty – and black pepper spicy. Turns out, making your own jerky is really simple, requires no special equipment (like a dehydrator), is easily adaptable to your own tastes, and in the end provides a great high-protein, low fat tasty snack food. Continue reading

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Kanji: Learn to Cultivate the Shiitake Mushroom

Growing up with a Japanese father, Shiitake mushrooms have always been a staple in my house. They were always dried, kept in a plastic bag, and stored in a kitchen cabinet. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen a fresh Shiitake mushroom until I began to grow them myself…I invite you to come explore cultivation of the Shiitake along with me. Continue reading

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Trowel and Error and the Easy Zinnia

All that fussing I did over the Zinnia seedlings in the greenhouse wasn’t really necessary and didn’t make them grow any faster. Not to worry! There is no such thing as failure in gardening. It’s all “trowel and error”. I learned that Zinnias prefer warm soil and weather for best germination. Note to self: direct sow Zinnias in the future. See? Easy peasy! Continue reading

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Butternut-Fennel Ravioli with Hazelnut-Sage Brown Butter Sauce

For those of you who don’t own pasta making equipment and may be just looking for an easier way of getting creative by making your own ravioli, this recipe should be right up your alley. Continue reading

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Sap to Syrup at Matfield Maple Farm

After completing a loop through the woods we watched how the tree sap that is pumped up to the sugar-house is turned into maple syrup, candies and maple cream. Continue reading

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Kids in the Kitchen—Five Ways to Start Cooking with Young Children

A collision with my overzealous toddler, wielding a butter knife to cut cherry tomatoes, gave me pause: had I been too foolhardy in getting my child in the kitchen so soon? Continue reading

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