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Cooking the Books: How To Cook Everything Perfectly

by Maria Ribas. One of the scariest things for all cooks—from first-time pasta boilers to dinner-party maestros—is cooking food until it is done. Not slightly under, and not slightly over. Just done. This is even more important when you buy … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books: Making the Books in Mass. – The Lisa Ekus Group

by Maria Ribas. Making the Books in Mass. This is the first installment in a series on Cooking the Books that will feature the stand-out cookbook talent of our home state. If you’re ever in Hatfield, MA, take a drive down … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books: Cornbread and Butter from THE HOMEMADE PANTRY

by Maria Ribas. Winter is the perfect time to cook from the pantry, but it’s also a great time to rethink what goes into our pantries. One of the exciting cookbook topics making a comeback this year is homemade pantry … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books: 2014 is the Year of Cloumage

by Maria Ribas. It may be wintertime, but you know what’s seasonal right now in Massachusetts? Cheese. Sweet, creamy, salty, cheese. Fine, there may not really be a cheese harvest season. But it is one of the local foods we’re … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books: A Review of Cape Cod Chef’s Table by John F. Carafoli

by Maria Ribas. If you love local food, you should love local cookbooks. Who could better understand the bounty of our corner of the globe than someone who lives, eats, and grows here? Sure, you could pull out a celebrity … Continue reading

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