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by Julia Powers. A must-have on the reader and eSS&SC contributor Lisa Whalen’s holiday menu is her grandmother’s Pizza Ricotta, “a citrus-scented, curd cheesecake in a short pastry crust.” Many cooks tweak traditional recipes to suit changing tastes and Lisa is no … Continue reading

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by Julia Powers. Making Memories: Meet Laura Raposa For many, food is inextricably linked to holiday memories. For eSS&SC reader Laura Raposa’s family, these memories include a fruit-studded cake Laura has dubbed, “My Portuguese Grandmother’s Italian Fruit Roll.” Given the hectic … Continue reading

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Sweet Memories: Rosa Galeno

Food and the love, memories, and fellowship it conveys, is central to many families’ holiday celebrations. Whether your holiday is enriched with long-standing food traditions or you want to start some new holiday food traditions of your own, hit the kitchen and celebrate the season with gusto!
Reader recipe: Anytime Cookies submitted by Rosa Galeno. Continue reading

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Sweet Memories – Starwiches

by Julia Powers. For many home cooks, the old adage that food is love rings especially true during the holiday season. Despite the busy schedules and lengthy to-do lists that are often a hallmark of the holidays, many families celebrate the … Continue reading

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Culinary Adventures : Cooking with Abby

When my husband Richard and I journeyed with our daughters and friends to Italy in 2012, I realized that the time we spent together––especially the cooking and dining together––was life changing. I call it a “soulful shift in my life’s direction.” Continue reading

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For lazy gardeners—or for anyone who wants to grow some of their own food but has no time—perennial vegetables are the answer: you plant only once and reap the harvest year after year. Rhubarb, collards, kale, and radicchio can all … Continue reading

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One Loaf of Soda Bread – HOLD THE BLARNEY

Readers of edible South Shore & South Coast who reside in the suburban sector jocularly known as the ‘Irish Riviera’ will find this hard to believe: I grew up here without knowing a single person who advertised Irish ancestry. That’s … Continue reading

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“Garden to Fire Cooking in a Presidential Kitchen”

By Paula Marcoux For this Storey [Publishing] author, 2014 was a big year. In support of the release of my book, Cooking with Fire, I traveled the country meeting scores of interesting people and making cooking fires in (or in … Continue reading

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Longtime Boston chef Bruce Frankel has explored many themes in his professional career, offering up thoughtful takes on everything from nouvelle cuisine to New England traditional in several multi-starred kitchens. Fascinated with food history, Bruce began cooking with fire in … Continue reading

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Cooking with Heirloom Beans: Chorizo, Rapini and Beans

Hey, I’m no doctor, but I love beans both for the flavor and texture they bring to dishes as well as for their terrific health benefits…gas be damned! If you’re with me let’s get cooking, shall we? Continue reading

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