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When it comes to the future of beer in New Bedford, call us thirsty. Moby Dick Brewing Company is coming to the corners of Union and South Water Streets. Continue reading

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Hop, Vine, and Barrel: Goodfellow’s Brewing Company

by Matt and Lauren Foster. Well, hey… Look at you! You’re becoming a regular customer here at Hop, Vine & Barrel! Welcome back! We’ve got a new brew on tap today, just for you. Try some of this, its Goodfellow’s Brewing … Continue reading

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Hop, Vine, and Barrel : Bog Iron Brewing Co.

by Matt and Lauren Foster. Welcome to Hop, Vine & Barrel, what can I—oh, hey! It’s you again! Welcome back! So glad you enjoyed your time with Berkley Beer Company last time out, how about something new tonight? As before, … Continue reading

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Cherry Bounce

by Paula Marcoux Ever try any of the tiny wild cherries that weigh down our American or Pin Cherry trees around the start of August? Chances are that you spat out the bitter-skinned, not-very-juicy fruit as quickly as possible. So, … Continue reading

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Plymouth Winery (OR Finishing Up My Local Booze Cruise)

“I’ve been pretty lucky. As edible South Shore’s intern, I’ve gotten to meet the great couple running Plymouth Bay Winery and do a full tasting of their wines and jams. I’ve toured Mayflower Brewing Company and sipped from a bottle straight off the line (at 9:30am, no less). And as my time with edible South Shore now draws to a close, I wanted to make sure I got the full alcoholic experience of my hometown.” Continue reading

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Turning the fall harvest into holiday cheer

Cranberry Liqueur The holiday season is officially upon us! Love it or loathe it, most of us look forward to sipping on a festive cocktail or two (or three) this time of year. Spread some cheer with Jessica Pithie’s festive … Continue reading

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Bully For Us

Bully for us. The future of New England distilling may be its past.  Paula Marcoux Things are looking up for Massachusetts locavores, or locabibers more specifically. It’s been nearly a century since we’ve been able to buy locally made distillates … Continue reading

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Trucchi’s – a true community grocery store since 1928

It’s a busy Sunday afternoon, and Jim Trucchi and his daughter Ann are trying to show me around their family’s newest grocery store in Middleboro. I say ‘trying’ because at every turn we are stopped by shoppers commending them on … Continue reading

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Maple Sugaring Season

Maple syrup is one of the most wonderful foods from our area.  Don’t get me wrong, seafood is fabulous, but maple syrup is amazing.  Since we can only harvest it for a few weeks a year, it makes it all … Continue reading

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“Eat, drink, and be quiet”

For years my grandmother had a magnet on her fridge that read, “Eat, drink, and be quiet.” I’m not so sure about the quiet part, but I’m almost always up for the eating and drinking, especially at this time of … Continue reading

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