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Sweet Memories – Starwiches

by Julia Powers For many home cooks, the old adage that food is love rings especially true during the holiday season. Despite the busy schedules and lengthy to-do lists that are often a hallmark of the holidays, many families celebrate the … Continue reading

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Local Restaurants and Businesses Share their Favorite Recipes

Did you notice? Ad/partners are sharing coveted recipes for their best-selling restaurant dishes and favorite snacks in recent print editions of edible South Shore & South Coast! Featuring The Quarry Restaurant, St. Ours Clam Broth, KAM Appliances, The Venetian Restaurant, and Plymouth Bay … Continue reading

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Ferment It : Carrots

I don’t know about you, but I HATE wasting food. Continue reading

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The Culinary Saga of My Godmother’s Lasagna

Keeping holiday memories alive and cooking from a recipe shared over half a century ago. Continue reading

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Christmas Eve Tourtiere

The pinnacle of our family’s annual party calendar was the réveillon (literally, “awakening”), the raucous feast that followed midnight mass and ushered in Christmas Day. I remember high excitement at first being allowed to attend the grown-up event, coupled with … Continue reading

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Sugared cranberry and rosemary trees are quite easy, with stunning results. Use as a garnish, delicious snack, or gift. Continue reading

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For lazy gardeners—or for anyone who wants to grow some of their own food but has no time—perennial vegetables are the answer: you plant only once and reap the harvest year after year. Rhubarb, collards, kale, and radicchio can all … Continue reading

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When I first lived on my own, I compared prices for iceberg lettuce and a similar-looking head of cabbage and opted for the cabbage, thinking it was almost the same thing but cheaper. When I cut it into the same … Continue reading

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DEVOUR THE ENEMY: Invasive Edibles in a Damn Good Stir Fry

One of our more pernicious invasives here in southeastern Massachusetts just happens to be a delicious vegetable. We like to think of it as (free!) broccoli rabe—quickly blanch it and give at an Italian treatment (tossed with garlic and cubes of parboiled potato fried in olive oil, maybe a spicy grilled sausage). Continue reading

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Black Pepper Beef Jerky- Homemade and Nourishing!

This homemade beef jerkey recipe hits just the right balance of sweet – salty – and black pepper spicy. Turns out, making your own jerky is really simple, requires no special equipment (like a dehydrator), is easily adaptable to your own tastes, and in the end provides a great high-protein, low fat tasty snack food. Continue reading

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