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Celebrating the Wareham Oyster

by Gina Salvadori. Oysters generally keep fairly Spartan company: a spritz of lemon juice, a grind of horseradish root, a dab of cocktail sauce. Not at Ella’s Woodburning Oven. At Ella’s, chef/owner Marc Swierkowski treats oysters like royalty, pairing them with rich … Continue reading

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The Captain’s Kitchen: The Joy of Lobster

by Mark McNulty. In my previous post, I commented on the cod’s importance to New England’s history and economic growth. The cod does not stand alone in this distinction, however. One could easily argue that the lobster has been equally … Continue reading

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The Captain’s Kitchen: Peanut Crusted Baked Cod

by Mark McNulty. I confess up front I do not purchase cod too often. Unless I caught the cod myself, I typically opt to use a different whitefish in my recipes since they are often less expensive and equal in quality, … Continue reading

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The Captain’s Kitchen: Garlicky Steamed/Grilled Mussels

by Mark McNulty. When it comes to easy, affordable seafood for your family to enjoy, you really can’t beat mussels, and this recipe in particular. Mussels can be a great part of a healthy diet and are readily available here … Continue reading

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The Captain’s Kitchen: Enjoying New England Seafood Together

by Mark McNulty. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. This proverb has been passed down from generation to generation for ages, and … Continue reading

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SOSEXI Sole with Thai Basil Pesto

By, Katherine Rossmoore and Better Living through Local Food There is a saying that goes “If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, then you’re lucky enough!” While I whole-heartedly agree with these sentiments, I would like to add, “If you’re lucky … Continue reading

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“Did you get flounder again?”

SOSSEXI Blog: 9/19/12 I got pinged by one of my friends and fellow shareholders about an hour after our last pickup with the question “Did you get flounder again?” “Yes. How about you?” was my reply. “Yep, must say we … Continue reading

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SOSSEXI Blog Week 7

“What to do with your fish share when all you really want is a steak” In the dead of winter when it’s too cold to head out and fish, all I dream about is eating fresh seafood. Then summertime rolls … Continue reading

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SOSSEXI blog week 6

8/10/12 Bluefish are an incredibly quick and aggressive gamefish found in droves in our local waters when the summer starts to heat up. Whether they are the tiny snapper blues, a half a foot in size, or the big horses, … Continue reading

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SOSSEXI Blog week 5

SOSSEXI Blog 8/3/12 Scituate’s Heritage Days Last weekend marked the arrival of Scituate Heritage Days, the annual three day waterfront festival of food, music, carnival rides and street vendors. Driving down Front Street to The Roman Table to pick up … Continue reading

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