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River Herring: Past, Present, Future

Herring are a foundation of the marine food chain and are critical to sustaining the species we humans love to eat. Continue reading

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For lazy gardeners—or for anyone who wants to grow some of their own food but has no time—perennial vegetables are the answer: you plant only once and reap the harvest year after year. Rhubarb, collards, kale, and radicchio can all … Continue reading

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How to Grow Armfuls of Dahlias for Cut-flowers

Dahlias are really quite simple to grow and one of the most rewarding cut garden flowers to have in your garden. They’ll provide garden drama and armloads of beautiful blooms summer thru first frost. Continue reading

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DEVOUR THE ENEMY: Invasive Edibles in a Damn Good Stir Fry

One of our more pernicious invasives here in southeastern Massachusetts just happens to be a delicious vegetable. We like to think of it as (free!) broccoli rabe—quickly blanch it and give at an Italian treatment (tossed with garlic and cubes of parboiled potato fried in olive oil, maybe a spicy grilled sausage). Continue reading

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Gifting My Mistakes: Reflections of a Novice Farmer

10 steps to grow shiitake mushrooms and a seasoned farmer offers strategies to grow your own organic food. Kohei offers his novice farmer mistakes to learn from so you can get growing! Continue reading

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Seed Starting for a Lifetime of Gardening

Planting seeds can be a fun activity on a rainy afternoon. Just the simple act of pushing the seed into the soil is exciting!. Allowing kids to help water, measure, photograph and care for the seedlings and plants, at all stages, can be just what they need to encourage a lifetime of gardening. Continue reading

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Kanji: Learn to Cultivate the Shiitake Mushroom

Growing up with a Japanese father, Shiitake mushrooms have always been a staple in my house. They were always dried, kept in a plastic bag, and stored in a kitchen cabinet. In fact, I don’t think I had ever seen a fresh Shiitake mushroom until I began to grow them myself…I invite you to come explore cultivation of the Shiitake along with me. Continue reading

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Trowel and Error and the Easy Zinnia

All that fussing I did over the Zinnia seedlings in the greenhouse wasn’t really necessary and didn’t make them grow any faster. Not to worry! There is no such thing as failure in gardening. It’s all “trowel and error”. I learned that Zinnias prefer warm soil and weather for best germination. Note to self: direct sow Zinnias in the future. See? Easy peasy! Continue reading

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Sap to Syrup at Matfield Maple Farm

After completing a loop through the woods we watched how the tree sap that is pumped up to the sugar-house is turned into maple syrup, candies and maple cream. Continue reading

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Plan Ahead Gardening, Between Rounds of Shoveling!

In between rounds of shoveling and cleaning off the car, planning for my gardens has kept me out of a snow coma, and usually out of the cookie jar too, usually. Continue reading

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