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A Midsummer Day’s Dream: Planting Your Own Vegetable Garden

by Marjorie R. Williams Summer solstice has just passed and despite your best intentions, you haven’t even begun to plant vegetables yet. If this sounds like your life (and mine), don’t despair. It’s not too late to get started and still … Continue reading

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How to Grow Armfuls of Dahlias for Cut-flowers

Dahlias are really quite simple to grow and one of the most rewarding cut garden flowers to have in your garden. They’ll provide garden drama and armloads of beautiful blooms summer thru first frost. Continue reading

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Seed Starting for a Lifetime of Gardening

Planting seeds can be a fun activity on a rainy afternoon. Just the simple act of pushing the seed into the soil is exciting!. Allowing kids to help water, measure, photograph and care for the seedlings and plants, at all stages, can be just what they need to encourage a lifetime of gardening. Continue reading

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Trowel and Error and the Easy Zinnia

All that fussing I did over the Zinnia seedlings in the greenhouse wasn’t really necessary and didn’t make them grow any faster. Not to worry! There is no such thing as failure in gardening. It’s all “trowel and error”. I learned that Zinnias prefer warm soil and weather for best germination. Note to self: direct sow Zinnias in the future. See? Easy peasy! Continue reading

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Backyard Flower Farming 101

Having access to arm-loads of fresh cut flowers, just steps away from your backdoor, is within your grasp too! Continue reading

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Plan Ahead Gardening, Between Rounds of Shoveling!

In between rounds of shoveling and cleaning off the car, planning for my gardens has kept me out of a snow coma, and usually out of the cookie jar too, usually. Continue reading

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Seed Saving 101

A Guide for Saving Vegetable and Flower Seeds in Autumn By Monica O’Malley-Tavares Saving Vegetable Seeds It’s that time of year, when gardeners are curing late harvest squash, and are enjoying late variety tomatoes and peppers, and perhaps a second … Continue reading

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By Martha Dupuis The crisp autumn days are perfect for gardening. The heat and humidity of summer has waned and yet the soil temperatures are still warm, making fall a perfect time to plant. Gardeners are energized as we welcome … Continue reading

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Amy and Alex’s garden adventures!

by: Amy MacNeill “Alex”, I asked as while flipping through a gardening book one frigid February afternoon, “are you going to help me make a pretty garden again this year?” “Yes…at Mommy’s house!” he cheerfully answered. And so the idea … Continue reading

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