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Gifting My Mistakes: Reflections of a Novice Farmer

10 steps to grow shiitake mushrooms and a seasoned farmer offers strategies to grow your own organic food. Kohei offers his novice farmer mistakes to learn from so you can get growing! Continue reading

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Backyard Flower Farming 101

Having access to arm-loads of fresh cut flowers, just steps away from your backdoor, is within your grasp too! Continue reading

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Plan Ahead Gardening, Between Rounds of Shoveling!

In between rounds of shoveling and cleaning off the car, planning for my gardens has kept me out of a snow coma, and usually out of the cookie jar too, usually. Continue reading

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Rotten Tomatoes

Locavore on a Budget So, I bought too much food at the farmer’s market. I truly couldn’t help myself, so much produce, all in season and, therefore, all dirt-cheap. So what did I do? I bought a lot of it. … Continue reading

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