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BLOOM! Build a Backyard Bouquet

The best backyard bouquets have an easy hand-picked appearance as if they were just gathered and plopped in a vase without too much fuss. Continue reading

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Make the Most of the Farmers’ Markets This Season

By Katherine Blessis “It’s more than just a shopping trip.” There is nothing like a freshly picked, juicy tomato from the farmers’ market. Or a loaf of cheese bread that is still slightly warm in the middle because it was … Continue reading

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Make It Easy for Yourself! Here’s Your Go-To List of Juice Bars In the South Shore

By Katherine Blessis   Have you found your favorite new juice bar yet? They have been popping up all around the South Shore. We are so excited about it, we had to share a list of all the juice bars … Continue reading

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Perfect Pasta Salad

I apologize, the baby was sleeping and I was using all of my precious alone time cooking….and then he woke. And then we ate. And then I looked down and thought ‘Shoot I wanted to blog that’. Continue reading

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Tomato Jam

By Meri Lippard I’ve got one day and an endless supply of tomatoes. Sounds like a locavore’s dream, right? With summer winding down and autumn approaching, we had to figure out a plan for all these tomatoes! So I made … Continue reading

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Recipe: Buckle-berry Pie

by Meri Lippard Cretinon’s of Duxbury seemed like the perfect spot to pick up some fabulous berries for my summer buckle-berry pie. After my purchase of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries I went home with a mission. I grew into … Continue reading

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Meet your Farmer: Noquochoke Orchard

by Alex Hallowell When we arrived at Noquochoke Orchards, there was a strange smell wafting over the hill. As we wandered around, looking for the orchard’s proprietor, our noses crinkled as the wind picked up, rotten fish is not a smell … Continue reading

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